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2020 第二屆 逢甲大學國際生華語說故事比賽 比賽取消囉

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 Cancellation of 2020 Feng Chia University Chinese Storytelling Contest

After the discussion at the staff meeting of the Foreign Language Center on March 31, 2020, we decided to cancel the 2020 Feng Chia University Chinese Storytelling Contest.

This school-wide competition provides a stage for international students to demonstrate their Chinese language ability. This contest is also a platform for alumni interact with their junior students. Therefore, students have the opportunity to take alumni as an example, and it also provide the opportunity to learn and observe others. Moreover, this activity allows alumni to provide knowledge and train international students directly.

Considering that live broadcast or online assessment can be used for the language contest, it will lose the spirit of the contest. Because of the high uncertainty of the COVID-19, we decided to cancel the FCU Chinese storytelling contest in this year. Next year, we will return again and provide a stage for international students to show students achievement of Chinese learning, so that teachers, students and alumni can come to hall with support and cheer for international students.

We look forward to seeing everyone in 2021. Thanks for your consideration for any inconvenience caused.