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2020 第二屆 逢甲大學國際生華語說故事比賽

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Share your folktale, be the Pride of your country



"Once Upon a Folktale", Share more about you and your hometown by unfolding traditional stories, legends, beliefs, or myths relating to your culture. There is not a place to evaluate you, but a stage for you to SHINEDon’t worry about your vocabulary or accent. Speak up if you have touched upon Chinese!! 


1. Storytelling topic:說家鄉的故事Once Upon a Folktale, Tell a story of your hometown. Share a legend, a myth or a traditional story of your culture.
2. Contest method
Individual participation.

3. Prize

(1)First Prize 10000 NTD

(2)Second Prize 8000 NTD

(3)Third Prize 7000 NTD

(4)Fourth Prize 6000 NTD

(5)Fifth Prize 5000 NTD

(6)Honorable Mention (10) 2000 NTD each

4. ParticipantsStudents in Feng Chia University, including postgraduate students, short-term exchange program, and Overseas Chinese Youths Vocational Training School with non-Chinese as mother language can sign up for the contest. Students from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia are not eligible for the contest.

5. Online registrationhttp://bit.ly/Enter2020fcuCSC (deadline 4/19)

6. Rules and Regulationswww.pmp.fcu.edu.tw 

7. Time

(1)First round5/8 (Fri) 13:10-17:00

(2)Final round5/22(Fri) 13:10-17:00



說家鄉的故事-2020 第二屆逢甲大學國際生華語說故事比賽

一年一度國際生華語比賽又來囉! 今年特別提高獎金,分享更有趣的主題,歡迎來自世界各國的國際生們,用華語分享家鄉民間傳說及傳統神話故事,讓全校師生認識你的國家與文化,不用擔心字彙量、口音等任何問題,會說華語就勇敢大聲show出來,總獎金高達56,000元,快把獎金帶回家唷! 

一、演講主題:說家鄉的故事Once Upon a Folktale


(一)      首獎 10,000元,共一名。

(二)      二獎 8,000元,共一名。

(三)      三獎 7,000元,共一名。

(四)      四獎6,000元,共一名。

(五)      五獎5,000元,共一名。

(六)      佳作2,000元,共十名。



五、報名網址:http://bit.ly/Enter2020fcuCSC (4/19()截止)



(初賽:5/8() 13:10-17:00

(決賽:5/22() 13:10-17:00

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