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2019 逢甲大學國際生華語演講初賽-抽籤比賽順序

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2019 逢甲大學國際生華語演講初賽-抽籤比賽順序 2019 逢甲大學國際生華語演講初賽-抽籤比賽順序

【FCUCSC】Participant drawing order for Chinese Speech Contest first round on 3 May

2019 逢甲大學國際生華語演講初賽-抽籤比賽順序
時間:2019/5/3(五) 12:30-13:00
地點:外語中心 EZ (資電樓一樓)

2019 FCU Chinese Speech Contest First round-Participant drawing order
Time: 2019/5/3(FRI) 12:30-13:00
Location: Foreign Language Center EZ ( Information and electrical engineering Building 1st floor)
Please go to the location on time, for those who don't arrive or late will be represented by the organizer (changing the order is not allowed)

Don't be afraid! We all believe you can do it!