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FCU Pre-major Program for International Freshman Students

One-Stop Services, Multiple Choices, Comprehensive Development

This unique program is designed to equip foreign students with five “Readiness Skills” during their freshman year, focusing on these important aspects of your university experience: Chinese Language, Professional Preparation, College Readiness, Taiwanese Culture, and Residential Learning. With the wide range of experiences this program provides, you will be better able to choose your ideal department in your second year.
The purposes of this program are to establish foreign language students’ communication skills in both Chinese and foreign languages and to improve their professional and soft skills (ex. teamwork, creative thinking, and problem-solving skills). In addition, this program helps foreign students better connect their professional subjects in their sophomore year, improve knowledge in their professional fields, develop their career competency and eventually become transnational experts. Moreover, the program helps foreign students enhance their adaptability to Taiwanese culture and local culture and foster a sense of belonging and identity in Feng Chia University and Taiwan.