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Dear prospective students,

Congratulations on being about to embark on your significant college journey, and we cordially invite you to join our “FCU Pre-major Program for International Freshman Students” to further enrich your overseas academic journey!


In the era of the global village, going to different countries to gain cross-cultural experiences and pursue your advanced study is definitely one of the best decisions you could make. Nevertheless, students studying overseas often encounter multitudinous linguistic, cultural and daily challenges in their host countries. Moreover, you must be extremely curious about what college life is like and eager to know everything about it. However, have you fully understood what your genuine interests are? In addition, have you chosen the major that truly fits you?


Being one of the education pioneers in Taiwan, FCU has been highly esteemed and recommended by the Ministry of Education and the general society in Taiwan. In particular, our excellence in Chinese language learning, living environment, cultural education, international friendliness, industrial hands-on experiences as well as job opportunities is what makes us distinguished and one-of-a-kind over the past fifty years. Additionally, “FCU Pre-major Program for International Freshman Students” has successfully integrated all the resources from our Chinese and English language learning centers, departments as well as other relevant educational and administrative offices to provide the solid foundation on which facilitates your academic and professional development. Our program endeavors to strengthen the fundamental Chinese language ability and professional learning of our international students. In particular, our program saves you all the troubles of spending one year of time and expenses to struggle with adapting to a new environment and a Pre-major Chinese language learning program on your own.


Understanding the challenges and perplexities of pursuing your study overseas, our program has established a well-designed Mandarin Chinese, English and fundamental professional subject courses for your first year in FCU, which will not only cultivate the five readinesses (language, professional identity, college, local culture and healthy life) for your freshman year but also enable you to explore your professional interests and make an informed decision about your future major through the dual advisor counseling system, orientations to majors and departments, professional programs as well as theme-based professional hands-on courses in collaboration with other departments. Furthermore, we go all out to facilitate your overall adaptive and transitional process in Taiwan through interactive cross-cultural learning activities and companionship. In fact, it is our sincere hope that you will be easily familiar with the culture and lifestyle in Taiwan and feel more at home in FCU.


Therefore, please don’t hesitate to join our big family, broaden your international horizons and embark on your overseas academic journey with us! 


Pre-major Program for International Students
Feng Chia University 
Huey-Nah Chou