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Dear PMP Students,

Taiwan’s open environment keep the quality of its university education at world class level. Feng Chia University is the best private university in Taiwan, even surpassing the rankings of some national university. At Feng Chia university, you can get the resources and standards of national university, and you can feel the atmosphere of private university.

PMP is a place to help you complete your university studies and realize your dreams. It is also can be your home in Taiwan. After you graduate from high school and you would like to study in Taiwan, but your Chinese is not good enough, and you still confuse what major you are interested in, you can come to Feng Chia PMP.

During first year in PMP, we will help you to learn Chinese, explore your professional interests, and introduce Taiwan’s culture. From your sophomore year, you will join department that you have chosen. As long as, you keep working hard, never give up to complete all the credits and you will graduate in 4 years. PMP will always be there to help you if you had any problem.

I wish you all to be brave and confident, and reach your dreams!!!                                                                        


Pre-major Program for International Students

Feng Chia University

Hui-Ling Wang